What are Symptoms of black magic, its cure and negative effects

Black Magic, Cure of Black Magic, Negative Black magic / Monday, December 25th, 2017

What is Black magic ? Know more

Black magic is a deep science with effective incantations, spells and rituals that were used to make impossible things happen in life. Since times immemorial, black magic is being used by black magic experts to solve burning problems in an individual’s life.

Black magic is effectively used for bringing back the dead to life, controlling other human being or killing your enemy. Black magic to make anyone fall in love is also a common form of black magic practiced nowadays. By using powerful black magic spells one can easily take revenge and kill another person without any evidence or can control a person, i.e. girl, husband, wife, boy, mother-in-law, etc. to get things done according to desire.

Negative Face of Black Magic

As Black magic is really very powerful and can make impossible things happen, this feature of black magic also work in negative manner. People who jealous with other, often use negative black magic to hurt them. By black magic they can throw a happy person in deep see of sorrow. Sometimes people use black magic just for fun to harm others. These all things should not happen.

How to detect Black magic effects on you or your home ?

You can never see black magic effect or any kind of negative energy with naked eye but you can absolutely feel it when it is around you or your home. There are many methods to detect the presence of black magic or negative energies on a person or home. But you yourself will not be able to see these, only an experienced and expert Black magic expert master is able to see or visualize the energy; some can sense its presence, some find out by meditation. Some people use pendulum to detect and even measure the negative energy. There are many other methods.

Symptoms of Black Magic

Every trouble in life is not caused by black magic only. People can pass through a weak phase in life because of their weak planetary positions also.

When a person is under negative black magic effects,  that person may suffer with blocked income, love life not working, failure in relationships, lacks of continuity in jobs, lack of sleep, anxiety causing sleepless nights, palpitations, recurring medical expenses, all such problems may come at the same time.

Here are some common symptoms of black magic:

  • Blocked or decreased income
  • Luck is not working
  • Sleepless night due to Nightmares
  • Career is going down constantly
  • Relationship is going towards break up
  • Bad habits like being alcoholic, being abuse, violent etc.
  • Surprising accidents
  • Sudden illness
  • Lot of Anger or emotional imbalance
  • Constant Fear
  • Depression
  • Urge to commit suicide
  • Blockage or problems in woman’s monthly periods
  • Blockage in getting pregnant

If you are feeling any of these symptoms in you or any of your loved one, then there are high chances that he / she is suffering from negative black magic effects and you must get it cured as soon as possible. This can be cured only by and experienced and expert black magic master.

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